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Excerpt: Discover FLEXI CHILL ! FLEXI CHILL is an air cooled chiller. It flows cooling water to your system by the use of a robust centrifugal…

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Excerpt: We are proud to present our latest custom development:A new thermogravimetric analyzer, based on a high rate furnace and equipped with 5 balances. Three key…

Categories: Setaram News

Excerpt: Discover THEMYS ONE ! Setaram’s latest innovation, the THEMYS ONE, is an accessible and versatile thermal analysis platform for Temperature, Mass Variation, Heat & Heatflow,…

Want the most accurate heat measurement on the market ?


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Excerpt: If you want to measure the heat, heat flow or heat capacity of materials why not use the best measurement accuracy available. This is especially…

Setaram makes your life easier


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Excerpt: Setaram offers a comprehensive range of solutions that has grown year after year. With the aim of making our offer more accessible and intuitive, we’ve…

Welcome to Setaram’s new digital presence


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Excerpt: To provide our customers, distributors and partners with a more enjoyable and seamless brand experience, we’ve been working hard on a new digital interface that…

Setaram turns purple


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Excerpt: We are excited to introduce our new visual identity! In recent years, KEP Technologies has restructured and optimized it’s activities in line with our global…

Meet us at Forum Labo Lyon

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Excerpt: Initially planned for earlier this year, the unmissable Forum Labo Lyon will now take place on 7 & 8 October 2020 at Eurexpo. Forum Labo…

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