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applications support

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SETARAM instruments provide many years of uninterrupted operation and benefit from world class technical and application support assistance from specialised engineers.

Application support

Application DevelopmentWe can work with you to develop your applications

We provide consultancy in the development of diverse applications. For example, applications involving hazardous materials may require specific laboratory organization or special sample conditioning or pre-treatment. We can also advise on ways to extract more information from a single sample and how to develop a deeper understanding of a material’s chemical and physical behavior. Whatever your need you can rely on our team of experts to support and guide you in your Applications development.

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Application TrainingWe can train your teams on current or new applications

Our training is conducted by our Applications Laboratory experts and is designed for laboratory managers or users of Setaram Thermal Analysis, Calorimetry or Manometric instruments. Training starts with theory, followed by measurement principles before going through each part of the instrument in detail. It can also be customized to your needs whether that be understanding the basics of measurement or becoming more advanced in a specific application, technique or instrument. Training also encompasses predictive and curative maintenance and the use of our data acquisition and treatment software..


Special DevelopmentsLet’s Innovate together

Replicating the true conditions of material use (eg. under high pressure, or in corrosive, reducing or oxidative atmospheres), or working with environmental constraints (eg radioactive test materials) may require customized instrumentation. We manage special development projects in diverse environments and customize any instrument parameter including design, ergonomy, seismic resistance, sensors, operation range, electronics and software. The expertise of our R&D and Engineering teams make special developments a routine procedure for us.

For more information on some of the special developments we have undertaken please refer to some Technical Notes

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