Experimental conditions control

during measurements: eg humidity, pressure, corrosive or hazardous gases and many more

experimental conditions control hero

Don’t lose control !

Measurement results are useless if their experimental conditions aren’t repeatable, or like real life or industrial process conditions. That’s why our solutions are designed to allow you to keep control over experimental conditions.

  • Humidity

    Controlled Relative Humidity

    Perfect for simulating various humid conditions during a materials’ preparation, use, storage or ageing. Our humidity control solutions employ stand alone systems, aswell as connect to most analyzers in our range and to third party instrumentation.

  • Pressure

    Pressure Resistance and Control

    Ideal for simulating the materials’ behavior in a tightly closed environment, or when it is exposed to high pressure. Our solutions offer pressure resistance, measure and / or control up to 1000 bar.

  • Corrosive

    Testing under conditions your Materials won’t like

    Push material samples to their limit with aggressive and corrosive atmosphere testing, and find ways to improve their service life. Our solutions include glass reactors, resistant seals, tubing and connections, and more.

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