Mass variation

of materials when heated. For thermal stability, composition, or solid-gas reaction analysis.

mass variation

Why Measure Mass Variation?

You need to measure mass variation when the materials’ transformation catches or releases gas.

You can use the mass variation profile:
• to characterize the beginning, end and progress of the transformation
• to determine the composition of the material.

  • Thermo Gravimetric Analysis
    Thermo Gravimetric Analysis

    This is ideal for analyzing composition, decomposition, sorption, desorption, drying, oxidation, reduction, etc. Our TGA solutions use a vertical design to give the best quality results. They also offer ultra high temperature options.

  • Simultaneous Thermal Analysis

    This measures the same as TGA, but combines with temperature and/or heat measurements. Our STA solutions are simple and offer high accuracy and precision, up to very high temperatures.

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