Manometric (Gas) sorption

on materials for sorption capacity, rate, and selectivity measurements.

manometric (gas) sorption

When Gas meets Sample

Ever wonder how much, how fast and how specifically gases attach to or detach from a material?
That’s exactly the kind of questions our Gas Sorption Analysis solutions address, and they work for Ad- Ab- or De- Sorption.

  • MANOMETRY Sievert’s method, based on Pressure change

    This is the ideal solution for sorption isotherms, under equilibrium conditions. But also for kinetics, and gas selectivity. Our Manometry solutions operate up to 200 bar. They can test small samples, and couple to other instruments.

  • Thermo Gravimetric Analysis
    Thermo Gravimetric Analysis

    This is the perfect solution for sorption kinetics, under gas flow conditions. But also for sorption capacity, and selectivity. Our TGA solutions can couple to Gas Analyzers for TPD measurements. They use the hang-down design to give the best quality results.

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