Themys thermal analyzers

The THEMYS line combines the highest sensitivity, stability and most accurate mass variation measurements. Most solutions within the THEMYS line provide the user with a high level of versatility thanks to a modular design.


Your Versatile Platform

The vertical design of the THEMYS line benefits from a better mass variation signal stability than horizontal systems. This feature, when combined with the hang-down principle, cuts down the signal drift, also known as buoyancy effect. The dual furnace version cancels this drift to achieve the best stability and highest accuracy.


  • Themys

    Versatile Thermal Analysis Platform (TGA, HP-TGA, STA, DTA/DSC, EGA, TMA).

  • Themys One / One +
    Themys One

    Your Entry to Versatility.

  • Themys Duo
    Themys Duo

    Your Versatile Platform with dual furnace.

  • Themys HP
    Themys HP

    Your Versatile Platform for High Pressure conditions.

  • Themys H2
    Themys H2

    Your Platform for Safe Experiments under Hydrogen.

  • Themys LV
    Themys LV

    Your Versatile Platform for large volume samples.

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