We are experienced providers of application training

We can train your teams on current or new applications

Our training is conducted by our Applications Laboratory experts and is designed for laboratory managers or users of Setaram Thermal Analysis, Calorimetry or Manometric instruments. Training starts with theory, followed by measurement principles before going through each part of the instrument in detail. It can also be customized to your needs whether that be understanding the basics of measurement or becoming more advanced in a specific application, technique or instrument. Training also encompasses predictive and curative maintenance and the use of our data acquisition and treatment software.

We have developed specific training programs to support you with your Setaram instrument.


Why get trained?

  • To understand theory and measurement principles

  • To know your instrument and its accessories in detail

  • To master experiment programming and data processing

  • To learn maintenance operations

Want to register ? Contact us to book a training session

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    On-site training

    Choose on-site training to have your team immediately operational with the equipment.

    Our laboratory in Caluire (France)


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