Contract Testing

Benefit from outsourced measurements, performed by our experts

Expand your characterization capacity: we test and analyze for you!

You may be faced with the implementation of new characterization tests on techniques that you do not master or that are not available in your laboratory. Then you can rely on our application laboratories.

Our wide range of testing techniques, operating conditions and highly qualified staff allow us to undertake contract testing on a permanent basis.


Contract testing delivers real added-value

  • Save your time

  • Reduce your financial risks

  • Access new techniques

  • Benefit from testing by an independent, qualified laboratory

Solutions to meet your challenge

We offer a versatile laboratory and a partner network for full material characterization over a large temperature range. We can characterize the composition, the crystollography, the mechanical, thermal and physical behaviors and combine techniques for optimal analysis.


Do you have a material characterization challenge that you need support on?


Want to test your sample ? Contact us to book a contract testing session

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    Our contract testing solutions in video


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