Applications for Process Safety and Energetics

If you are a large scale user or manufacturer of chemicals or energetic materials, the thermal stability of your substances is critical. In these fields, uncontrolled material decomposition can lead to technical and economic disasters. Depending on your location, you may also need to comply with local process safety regulations.

process safety

Our Process Safety & Energetics Solutions

SETARAM solutions enable you to comply with the thermal stability testing requirements of these regulations. They cover the entire scale-up process from quick stability screening to process understanding. They can produce data for pressure build-up risks assessment and can test the materials’ reactivity during storage and transportation. Our solutions have high sensitivity and pressure resistance especially useful in the explosives or propellants business.

  • Chemical Processes
    chemical processes

    Temperature, heat, pressure and kinetics of reaction or decomposition under normal or runaway conditions.
    Heat capacity of substances.

  • Energetic Materials
    energetic materials

    Temperature, heat, pressure and kinetics of decomposition.

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