Energetic Materials

Temperature, heat, pressure and kinetics of decomposition

Materials like gun propellants, fuel for rocket engines, and explosives, contain high energy and are thus termed energetic materials. Such materials need to be kept stable for long periods and to release their energy quickly on demand. We provide solutions to study and optimize all factors.

  • Stability

    You need to check the stability of energetic materials before transporting and storing them. Calorimetry is especially well-suited to detecting stability loss at an early stage. DSC, Calorimetry and TGA data combined with Thermokinetics software can simulate very long term material stability.

  • Decomposition

    You need data about an energetic materials decomposition to design efficient and safe systems. RSC, calorimetry, DSC, and TGA inform about decomposition temperature, heat, pressure and gas release. They also provide kinetics data.

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