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However often you use your SETARAM instrument, not having all equipment at hand can cause delays. Our wide range of consumables can help ensure the best return on investment of your instrument through uninterrupted material studies.

Search our range of consumables by selecting your instrument in the box below. If your search by instrument does not generate any, or many, consumables this is because we are still uploading our range.
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  • S08/HAX29569

    Plain cover for crucible S08/HAX29857

  • S08/HAX29570

    Open cover for crucible S08/HAX29857

  • S08/HAX29858

    Platinum sleeve for crucible S08/HAX29857

  • S08/HAS28533

    Alumina crucible 600 µl (for hf-dsc sensor)

  • S08/HAS29354

    Alumina Cover

  • S08/HAS29736

    Platinum crucible 700 µl (for hf-dsc sensor)

  • S08/HAS38111

    Alumina sleeve and cover for crucible S08/HAS29736

  • S08/HAS30347

    Platinum cover

  • S08/HAS38391

    Tool for reshaping platinum crucible S08/HAS29736

  • H04/00004

    Copper gasket for use with ¼” VCR fittings. Maximum temperature rating of 204°C

  • H04/00091

    Nickel gasket with 60µm fit for use with 1/4” VCR fittings. Maximum temperature rating of 315°C.

  • H04/00016

    Nickel gasket for use with ½” VCR fittings. Maximum temperature rating of 315°C.

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