Instrument financing ? We’ve got you covered!

Create a personalized leasing deal and reap the benefits now.

Thanks to our partnership with the Grenke Financial Group, we can work flexibly with you to provide a leasing solution* to meet all of your instrument and servicing needs. For a strictly limited period also benefit from 3000€ credit.

This offer is currently available in US, Germany, France and Switzerland. Contact us to discuss its expansion to your country.


Don’t miss out on the many benefits of leasing:


    Like many other companies, enjoy income tax breaks (in qualifying countries), lower upfront costs for budget and treasury management, increased purchasing power and balance sheet and debt ratio advantages.

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    Improved upgrade options to avoid instrument obsolescence.


    With lower financial risk, benefit from quicker approval for faster material characterization results.

We will work with you to create the lease and purchase option that is right for you and your budget. Contact us for a financing offer*.

* subject to lessee approval by Grenke Financial Group 

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