Spare parts

Availability of all spare parts guaranteed for at least 10 years after instrument purchase

Spare parts

You can rely on usOur extensive range

Whether your instrument has operational wear and tear, or has been subject to an unforseen event, you can rely on SETARAM for any spare part. Spare parts can extend the longevity and productivity of your instrument, helping you to maximise your return on investment.

In addition, all SETARAM maintenance contracts  allow you to purchase spare parts at a discount.

Search our spare parts by selecting your instrument in the box below. If your search by instrument does not generate any, or many, spare parts this is because we are still uploading our range.
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  • S08/HAX29571

    Reference volume 2 (half filled crucible)

  • S08/HAX29572

    Reference volume 3 (fully filled crucible)

  • S60/33872

    Sample introduction tube for drop calorimetry.

  • S60/28538

    3D Heatflux DSC detector 1400°C (S-type thermocouple) with set of alumina crucibles

  • S60/32081

    Heatflux DSC detector 1400°C (S-type thermocouple).

  • S60/1416

    High pressure vessel up to 100 bar - 300°C in stainless steel (8.5 cm3)

  • S60/58560

    TGA rod with built-in thermocouple

  • S60/1505

    High pressure vessel up to 100 bar - 300°C in Hastelloy C (8.5 cm3)

  • S60/58848

    DTA rod with P-type thermocouple (ambient / 1200°C) for Labsys EVO

  • S60/1521

    BT2.15 standard stainless steel vessel - high pressure - 8.5 cm3

  • S60/58849

    DTA rod with S-type thermocouple (ambient / 1600°C) for Labsys EVO

  • S60/1522

    BT2.15 standard hastelloy C276 vessel - high pressure - 8.5 cm3

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