Webinar invitation : How can calorimetry reproduce high pressure real conditions?

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Thursday May 19th, 2022 with Hongyu ZENG


Setaram invites you to attend a new Webinar on How can calorimetry reproduce high pressure real conditions? that will take place on Thursday May 19th, 2022.

High pressure is involved in many scenarios and processes as chemical processes, fossil energies production and transportation, for the energy’s storage…

The evaluation of these processes and the characterization of materials subjected to high pressure involve reproducing these high-pressure conditions to the laboratory scale.
Calvet calorimetry, besides its well-known high sensitivity and accuracy, also shows the exclusive capability for high pressure control and monitoring up to 1000Bar thanks to the variety of cells and accessories available.
This webinar will present the special solutions Setaram offers with Calvet calorimetry to achieve high pressure control and monitoring in various application field for material characterization and process evaluation.

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Hongyu ZENG

Applications manager