The Setaram 2022 autosamplers

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AUTOMATIC SAMPLE CHANGERSReliable robots for intensive use

Because we want to provide our users with thermal analyzers that are always more efficient, innovative and in line with their needs, our teams are constantly developing and optimizing our automatic sample changers.
Our robots are robust and precise and can help you in your search for productivity, while providing you with the most accurate results.
  • Easy to use

    The robots are designed and meant to be operated by any user.

  • Autonomy

    Robots that automatically perform long series of experiments with no action required on your part.

  • High Throughput

    Prepare your samples, start your series of experiments, and let the robot load and unload your samples.

  • Productivity

    The robot works day and night, so you canconcentrate on other tasks or activities.

  • Repeatability

    Robust robots that allow you to repeat your tests without error.


    For Simple and Powerful Temperature and Heat & Heatflow measurements.

    Setline DSC+

    For Simple and Powerful Temperature, Mass Variation, and Heat & Heatflow measurements.


    For accessible and high throughput Temperature, Mass Variation, Heat & Heatflow, and Evolved Gas measurements.

    Themys One

I would like to equip myself with a Setaram analyzer with autosampler

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