Determine thermal stability of proteins, enzymes, antibodies, DNA, membranes, vesicles

High accuracy characterization solutions are required to study the thermal stability of biomolecules. You will find this in our range.

  • Proteins, Enzymes, Antibodies

    Do you need to purify, formulate or process large biomolecules? If so you may have already been challenged by their thermal stability. We provide microcalorimetry solutions to measure their temperatures of denaturation and of aggregation. Biomolecules include proteins, enzymes, antibodies and more.

  • Vesicles, Liposomes, Membranes & Micelles

    You may study these systems because you work with drug formulation, food or cosmetics research. Our microcalorimeters can help you with understanding their structure, formation, and transformations. They measure their temperature stability range, and inform about their formation and dissociation processes.

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