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*Offer valid until December 15th, 2021 (Not available with any other discounts or promotions)

Purchase a THEMYS and choose between 2 exclusive offers :

Characterize 2 samples simultaneously1. Free SETLINE DSC

What can I do with my THEMYS  + my free SETLINE DSC ?

Extend the high temperature thermal stability characterization of your THEMYS with low temperature physical characterization using SETLINE DSC.

Part number is SET-DSC



Measure gas evolved 2. Free EGA Coupling

What can I do with my THEMYS  + my EGA coupling ?

Extend the understanding of thermal stability provided by your THEMYS with decomposition chemistry data thanks to EGA coupling.

Coupling part is S60/59581 or S60/59582

get to know more about ega couplingS


evolved gas analysis

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