Robots designed by humans

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For more than 10 years, the KEP Technologies Group has been developing from A to Z autosamplers for its thermal analyzers, to meet the needs of companies seeking to increase their productivity and profitability. In 2017, the Kep Innovation center opened its doors in Geneva to offer unique skills in research, design and robotization.

Challenged by your lab’s productivity?

Do you need to test many samples in a limited time and with limited ressources?

With robots – or autosamplers – you will be able to test a large number of samples in total autonomy (even at night and on weekends). 


Benefit from our innovation skills

Relying on its Innovation Center based in Geneva, and numerous partners including the largest Research Centers and Universities, our KEP Technologies group is constantly developing new solutions for the automation of its instruments.

Our engineers developed the Setline robots from the code phase to the assembly of the device, through the 3D design and the realization of the prototype.

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Using our robotized analyzers

With our Setline DSC+ and STA+ instruments, your measurements will be accurate and repeatable. In addition to their robot or autosampler, they are equipped with sensors and ovens that give them the required performance.

Among others, they are ideal for plastic manufacturers, packaging manufacturers,or plastic recyclers. Especially if you need to measure :

  • melting points and heat of melting, the crystallinity of plastics
  • glass transitions
  • plastic compositions and thermal stabilities