Heat storage materials

Heat storage materials

Measure sensible and latent heat of PCM, heat transfer fluids, reversible sorption material

As a developer of materials for Heat Storage systems, you need to establish their thermal specifications.
As a user of such materials, you need to check their specifications against your application.

  • Phase Change Materials

    Phase Change Materials (PCM) store heat through their phase transitions over a temperature range. This means you need a means to measure their temperatures and heats of transition. DSC and calorimetry not only measure these, but also provide PCM’s thermal ageing data.

  • Heat Transfer Fluids

    You can characterize a heat transfer fluid by its heat capacity. It corresponds to the amount of heat that the fluid can absorb and thus transport. DSC and calorimetry measure accurate heat capacity of most fluids.

  • Reversible Sorption

    Adsorbents used for thermal energy storage must have a high and stable heat of adsorption and desorption. You can use a coupled TGA and DSC to simultaneously measure the capacity and heat of sorption.

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