Don’t settle for 2nd best

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Want the most accurate heat measurement on the market ?

If you want to measure the heat, heat flow or heat capacity of materials why not use the best measurement accuracy available. This is especially important if you need to use these measurements for heat balance or thermal transfer calculation.

Setaram’s CALVET and MICROCALVET line calorimeters use a 3D sensor design where cells are totally surrounded by an array of thermocouples. This integrates in all directions, all heat exchange modes (convection, conduction and radiation).

Thus, with 3D sensors, heat measurement is up to 95% efficient whereas typical plate DSC sensors are between 30-50%.

Additionally, 3D sensors use a highly reliable electrical calibration procedure called the Joule effect method. It makes the calibration very reliable over the calorimeter’s temperature range. The conventional calibration method using standard materials melting is only based on a maximum of 3-4 calibration points, and these results are extrapolated over the whole calorimeter’s temperature range.

This unique combination of sensor efficiency and calibration reliability provides an unparalleled measurement accuracy. This makes the CALVET and MICROCALVET line calorimeters ideal tools for most applications in the Energy & Environment, Process Safety, Polymers, Inorganic Materials and Life Sciences.

More information is available in our technical note TN730