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Determine thermal, oxidation stability, reactivity. Measure transition temperatures, heat capacity. At atmospheric or high pressure.

When you’re in the polymers business, you need to characterize new materials and to control the characteristics of currently produced or used materials.
We have solutions to help you with this.


  • Thermal stability

    In every situation where a polymer material may be exposed to high temperatures, it is beneficial to test its thermal stability. You can use TGA or STA to find the temperature and steps of decomposition or transition, under different atmospheres.

  • Oxidation Induction Time (OIT)

    Your polymers may face the most common cause of chemical aging: oxidation. The stability against oxidation can be studied using DSC. A longer OIT means a better oxidation stability. Effect of antioxidants can be compared.

  • Transitions (Melting, Crystallization, Tg)

    You need to have control over the properties of polymers. It is this is for instance important both for their processing and use. But these properties change with the polymer structure. We provide DSC solution to characterize the temperatures of structure change.

  • Composition analysis

    Composition analysis is especially key for quality control of a polymer based material. It includes thermoplastics and thermoset, rubbers, or elastomer based materials. You can apply our TGA solutions to plasticizers/oil, polymer, carbon black filler, white filler contents.

  • Thermophysical properties

    Heat capacity and thermal expansion of polymer based materials are important process parameters. For some applications, they are equally important technical specifications. You can measure them thanks to our DSC, and TMA solutions.

  • High pressure

    You can’t base your investigations on standard tests when your polymers are used or processed at high pressure. We have solutions for measuring the main polymers properties at high pressure. It includes heat capacity, melting, crystallization, and glass transition.

  • Polymers in solution

    Are you working with dissolved polymers for systems like surfactants or drug delivery? We have solutions for measuring their characteristic temperatures. It includes LCST (lower critical solubility temperature) or CMT (critical micelle temperature).

  • Thermosets curing

    The curing reaction of thermosets needs to be controlled. For instance, it dictates the hardening of some glues, or the properties of pre-impregnated composites. With our DSC or calorimetry solutions you can measure their curing degree, and curing rates.

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