Building materials

building materials

Assess hydration and setting properties, burnability of raw materials, heat balance. Measure data for heat transfer simulation in buildings.

To produce or use the best building materials, you need information about their thermal properties.
Our solutions include raw materials or final product testing, and the measurement of important data for the manufacturing process.


  • Cement manufacturing

    You can use our solutions to understand and optimize the cement manufacturing process. It includes the reactions of the raw materials in the kiln: burnability, decarbonation, evolved gases. They are measured by DSC, TGA, STA, and EGA. Additionally, drop calorimetry can establish the thermal balance of the kiln.

  • Setting
    and Hydration

    You may need to study the rate and heat of hydration or setting of your cement or plaster powders. This is data allowing a better control of the final product’s strength, workability and heat release at large scale. It is measured by Calorimetry under various pressure and temperature conditions.

  • Thermophysical properties

    Thermophysical properties of building materials are important technical specifications. You need their thermal expansion coefficient and heat capacity for heat transfer and mechanical stress simulation. TMA and calorimetry accurately measure these parameters.

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