Material Characterization for Hydrogen : production, storage, distribution and conversion

The Hydrogen cycle has become a real challenge in the development of our energies


  • Hydrogen Production

    The production of hydrogen from water or biomass requires a catalyst. The high cost of current catalysts requires optimization of these materials. Thermal analysis and calorimetry can be used to characterize the efficiency of new potential catalysts and thus achieve savings.

  • Hydrogen Storage

    The cost and strength of materials used in hydrogen storage components and systems can be improved by characterizing their resistance to aging. Storage in liquid or solid sorbents is a promising alternative but materials need to store more hydrogen and be faster to charge and discharge the gas. Setaram helps you characterize the capacity and speed of your materials.

  • Hydrogen Distribution

    When hydrogen is transported in gaseous or liquid form, it has a significant maintenance cost due to the short life time of materials at high pressure and/or low temperature. You may therefore have to characterize the stability of potential materials under these conditions.

  • Hydrogen Conversion

    By combustion: turbines operating with hydrogen are subjected to higher temperatures. Setaram solutions support you with the characterization of new, more resistant alloys. By conversion in a fuel cell: the development of less expensive materials, which can resist higher temperatures, is driven by thermal stability characterization using Setaram instruments.

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