Measure carbohydrates or protein transitions, lipids phase diagrams. Identify components of raw and reconstituted food.

If you face issues with the control of food production processes, or food storage properties we have various solutions to help.

  • Carbohydrates

    Heating of carbohydrates like sugars, starches or gel forming substances means triggering reactions. For instance: water release, melting, decomposition, gelatinization, retrogradation or gel formation. Our DSC solutions provide data to study and maintain control over these reactions.

  • Food proteins

    In the food industry, it is important to test proteins with DSC for their temperature of unfolding, aggregation and of glass transition. Indeed, when transforming, food products may lose their properties and change structure.

  • Oils, Fat, Lipids

    Lipids provide food products with specific texture, flavor release, or ageing resistance. But an uncontrolled change of lipid structure may lead to an undesired change of product quality. DSC is used to detect and understand these structure changes in lipids.

  • Food processing

    You may use many food processing methods with thermal or pressure treatments. With DSC, calorimetry and microcalorimetry you can measure interesting data for process engineering. It includes heat capacity, heat of freezing, or the influence of pressure on ingredient properties.

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