Measure purity, water content, crystallinity, polymorphism, thermal stability and compatibility of solid dosage forms

If you want to characterize pharmaceutical materials consider thermal analysis. It is widely used for development, scale up, process, IP/Patents, reverse engineering and quality control purposes.

  • Purity

    The chemical purity of pharmaceutical materials is one of their key features. You can check your materials’ purity using a specific DSC technique.

  • Polymorphism

    The properties of solid drugs like bio-availability or long term stability vary with their structures. You can use DSC or calorimetry to study how different solid forms (or polymorphs) of the same molecule may exist and stay stable with temperature, time, or humidity.

  • Thermal stability

    You may need to study the thermal stability of pharmaceutical materials. It is essential if they are prepared or processed by distillation, drying, evaporation, hot melt extrusion, etc. TGA is the right technique to determine the thermal stability of such materials.

  • Compatibility

    A stable active ingredient can be destabilized by a badly chosen excipient. In many cases, the destabilization reaction leads to slow and low level heat production. Microcalorimetry is the right technique to determine incompatibilities and to select the blend.

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