Nuclear Materials

nuclear materials

Assess materials thermal and thermophysical properties, quantify nuclear materials in waste

One challenge you may face with nuclear fuels and waste is that they need specific handling conditions.
We can help adapt the relevant applications and solutions to fit in gloveboxes and hot cells


  • Oxygen stoichiometry

    The oxygen-to-metal (O/M) ratio, or stoichiometry, is one of the most critical parameters of nuclear fuel fabrication. Thermogravimetry (TGA) is the main solution for controlling this ratio.

  • Phase diagram

    You need to determine how the ageing of nuclear fuel may impact its physical state. Phase diagrams are perfect tools for that purpose, and can be assessed using DSC, DTA or drop calorimetry.

  • In-pile behavior

    You can use our solutions to predict a new fuel’s behavior in the reactor, i.e. the in-pile behavior. It consists of measuring thermophysical parameters, including thermal expansion with TMA, and heat capacity with high temperature calorimetry.

  • Quantification of radioactive materials

    The amount of radioactive material in a waste or fuel is not always known. You can use calorimetry as a non-destructive method to quantify the radioactive material. The technique does not depend on the material’s matrix or geometry.

Associated products

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  • Themys

    Versatile Thermal Analysis Platform (TGA, HP-TGA, STA, DTA/DSC, EGA, TMA).

  • Themys Duo
    Themys Duo

    Your Versatile Platform with dual furnace.

  • Themys LV
    Themys LV

    Your Versatile Platform for large volume samples.

  • Calvet DC
    Calvet DC

    For Capable Drop Calorimetry.

  • Calvet DC Alexsys
    Calvet DC Alexsys

    For Capable and Highest Accuracy Drop Calorimetry.

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